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Sleep Tight Gift Kit

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Unwind into a state of pure serenity to help you fall asleep—and sleep well. The Sleep Tight Kit features 1 Natural Sleep Therapy bath salts, 1 Silk Eye Pillow, and 1 Pure Soothing Comfort aromatherapy mist. Only available on our website. 10% savings vs. buying each separately.

All Natural
Not Tested
on Animals
Sleep Tight Gift Kit Image
Sleep Tight Gift Kit image

Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Its scent can relieve stress, anxiety, and headaches, and act as a sedative for your central nervous system, helping lower your blood pressure and treat insomnia.

Sleep Tight Gift Kit Image

Chamomile Essential Oil

Helps reduce hormone levels associated with stress and relaxes your muscles, bringing on a sense of calm to help you sleep well.

Sleep Tight Gift Kit Image

Rosemary Essential Oil

Used to relieve headaches, muscle pains, and arthritis, this oil makes it easier to fall asleep without interruption.

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