How to sleep like a champion

How to sleep like a champion


An interview with Venus Williams

As a tennis champion and entrepreneur, we are always turning to our Chief Brand Officer, Venus Williams, for the latest wellness tips and tricks. We got to talking about sleep with her and loved hearing what she had to say so we thought we would pass it along to our Asutra community. After all, who doesn’t want to sleep like a champ?

Are you a night owl or a morning person?

I am a wanna-be night owl. If I could, I’d stay up all night! I love midnight (I should have been a DJ…) But, because I need to train, I go to bed. Recovery is key for strong performance, so I make winding down each night before bed a priority.

Do you have any nightly rituals?

  • 2 Hour Reset: I need two hours to reset from a busy day before going to sleep. During these two hours I prioritize me-time… it’s my time to do whatever I want so I can go to bed in a healthy headspace. I often use this time to make sure I’m prepared for the next day by returning emails, doing research, and just generally coming to terms with the day.
  • Vitamins & Hydration: Right now, I am taking all kinds of things for immunity like collagen, glutamine powder, and resveratrol (derived from red grapes, one of the most powerful antioxidants). I also stay hydrated by drinking lemon water.
  • Self-Massage: After long days on and off the court, sometimes it can be a little difficult for me to completely unplug and fall asleep. A soothing massage with Asutra’s Dream the Night Away Melatonin Lotion with Magnesium is absolutely amazing. I apply it all over about 30 minutes before going to bed, and it truly helps me wind down and feel relaxed.


What is your favorite thing to watch at night?

I don’t watch TV every night but when I do, it’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I have been watching and rewatching the show since it came out. It’s my happy place!

When does Harry go to bed?

An important part of my nighttime routine involves my dog, Harry. I feed Harry his last meal around 10-11pm so he doesn’t have to go to the bathroom until I wake up in the morning. Harry has his vitamins, too! He loves his Ocu-Glo chews. After his food and vitamins, it’s time for us to both go to bed. I often argue with him to go upstairs to bed, but he always thinks it’s time for another treat - he’s a night owl like me!


What is one thing you always do as part of your nighttime routine?

Asutra’s Pure Soothing Comfort Lavender Mist is my favorite aromatherapy. I love that it’s already mixed and ready to go so there’s no fuss. It’s much easier than using an essential oil diffuser. I love using 5 spritzes on my pillow every night at bedtime. I always have it with me and even bring it around the world for tournaments. It is a lifesaver when it comes to jet lag.

Speaking of jet lag, how do you handle sleeping across different time zones?

With jet lag, it’s all about being disciplined. If I land during the day, I will take a small nap then wake up and power through the rest of the day to get to the night. At night, I am disciplined about staying focused on staying asleep. People will say, “OK, how do I stay focused to stay asleep?!” My advice is to keep your eyes closed - don’t even bother opening them. You’ll fall back asleep. It works!

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