Stephanie's top AAPI podcasts, AAPI movies and AAPI books

Stephanie's top AAPI podcasts, AAPI movies and AAPI books

We asked around (and Googled around) for recommended AAPI podcasts, AAPI movies and AAPI books.  It was hard to find all in one place so we figured why not post our own in celebration of AAPI Heritage Month so that we can enjoy them all year round.  Below are lists with links to Stephanie's faves.  Feel free to send an email to Barbara ( with more that you enjoy so we can add to the list!

AAPI podcasts

AAPI Movies

The LA Times talked to more than 20 Asian American critics and curators to compile this list of the 20 best Asian American films over the last 20 years. It includes comedies, dramas and documentaries.

AAPI Books

The Very Asian Foundation's May Book Project has curated lists of Asian American literature for various school age groups.

Two additional book lists:

NBC compiled the 20 best books by AAPI authors in 2022, according to Goodreads.

The Cut compiled a list of 18 books celebrating AAPI Heritage Month.

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