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Top 5 yoga mental health benefits

Learn 5 yoga mental health benefits, from alleviating anxiety to keeping your brain young.
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Your brain on yoga: how yoga makes you smarter

Learn how yoga improves your mental fitness.
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Why & how to clean your yoga mat

Learn why & how to clean your yoga mat for your health.
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Tea tree essential oil benefits with yoga: Refresh and restore

Learn how tea tree essential oil and four restorative yoga poses can refresh you.
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Yoga for heart disease prevention: 5 ways yoga helps

Learn 5 ways yoga can reduce your risk for heart disease.
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Improve your blood sugar control with yoga

11 poses that help with blood sugar control and diabetes.
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New to yoga? Avoid these 10 common mistakes

10 common mistakes to avoid when you're new to yoga.
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10 helpful tips every new yoga student should know

10 tips to get started on your yoga practice.
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