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How to sleep like a champion

We interviewed our Chief Brand Officer (and global tennis champion), Venus Williams, about her go-to sleep routine. She shares her wind down rituals and a few favorite treats. Read up to get Venus' sleep tips. Who doesn't want to sleep like a champion?
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Stephanie's top AAPI movies and TV, AAPI books and AAPI podcasts

A curated list of AAPI podcasts, books, and movies recommended by Asutra Owner and CEO, Stephanie Morimoto
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What is capsaicin?

Have you heard the one about the chili pepper helping with pain?  Learn all about capsaicin and it's natural pain relieving properties.
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Retinol: a primer

The ultimate overview of retinol. In this blog, we tackle some of the frequent questions we receive about retinol in general and the share information about our all natural, PETA certified vegan and cruelty free 2.5% retinol serum.
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What you need to know about magnesium

Guest editor and national board certified health and wellness coach Karen Malkin provides an overview of the challenge of adding magnesium to your diet and the power of supplementing topically.
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Podcast: The Asutra Story

Asutra CEO Stephanie Morimoto walks through her journey with Asutra as guest on The Unofficial Shopify Podcast, a show about e-commerce entrepreneurship.
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Your 5 Step Ritual for Amazing Sleep

Nothing is more important for setting you up for a great day than a good night's sleep.
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The anti-aging skin care regimen you need now

Get the anti-aging skin regimen you need now to keep your face and body glowing.
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The beauty of our magnesium body butter

It is time for a step beyond a simple moisturizer; it is time for body butter.  
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